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I Feel Unsafe At NIJ - Student Who Was Allegedly Assaulted By Lecturer

An understudy of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos, Anjola Ogunyemi, has said she isn't coming back to the school in the wake of being purportedly explicitly ambushed by one of her teachers, Tene John, as she never again has a sense of security. 

Ogunyemi said she expected that she would be exploited by different speakers of the school for purportedly making John lose his employment. 

PUNCH Metro discovered that Ogunyemi was purportedly ambushed by John on December 13, 2019, in his office. 

It was assembled that the unfortunate casualty appealed to the school the executives to request an examination concerning the episode. 

Our reporter discovered that upon the receipt of the appeal, the administration of the NIJ set up a board to test the charge. 

The school, in an announcement by its Registrar, Dotun Adeniji, on Monday, declared John's rejection after the finish of the examination. 

The announcement read to a limited extent, "Our consideration has been attracted to a post on the internet based life by one of our understudies, Ms. Anjola Ogunyemi, a National Diploma 1 understudy, asserting inappropriate behavior by one of our low maintenance teachers, Mr. Tene John. 

"Ms. Ogunyemi's appeal to the school on the supposed lewd behavior was gotten on December 19, 2019, the day of our excursion. What's more, the Provost considered her on that equivalent day to recognize receipt of her request and guaranteed her that the issue would be investigated fittingly. 

"The establishment, from there on, set up a board of three speakers – two females and a male. The board sat and took proof from the two gatherings and the observers concerned. On Friday, January 17, 2020, the most recent day of its sitting, the blamed and the informer were made to defy each other at the board. 

"It was hard for the board to build up solidly an instance of lewd behavior in its report, on the grounds that there were glaring logical inconsistencies in the declarations of the two gatherings and witnesses. We wish to put on record that Ms. Ogunyemi left the board and hurried to the online life to disclose to her story upon the arrival of the board's last sitting. 

"In perspective on our establishment's zero resilience for inappropriate direct with respect to the staff and understudies, and in the light of the intrigue the issue has produced, the accompanying choices have been taken: the instructor concerned, Mr. Tene, who has been on our workforce for over 10 years, has been alleviated of his arrangement; we express gratitude toward him for his administrations and wish him the good luck in his future undertakings. 

"Ms. Ogunyemi, who has quite recently come back from a one-year suspension over the disgusting dressing and gross unfortunate behavior, is encouraged to hold fast carefully to her registration pledge of diverting her complaints to the specialists of the foundation. 

"We wish to repeat that our staff and understudies are administered by rules and guidelines and it is significant that we go along as needs are." 

The 22-year-old injured individual, who talked with our reporter on Tuesday, expressed that returning to the school would resemble strolling into a snare. 

She stated, "I have communicated something specific that the instructor had been sacked and I think the school took the correct choice, since I feel he has got what he merits, yet now, I am not returning to the NIJ. I am finished with the school since I was suspended for one year and returning, I needed to confront a rape, which examination hauled excessively sometimes before a choice was made. 

"I feel that there is nothing left for me in the school; different teachers, who are John's companions, are clearly disturbed that I caused the loss of his activity; in this way, in the event that I return to the school, it will be hard for me to go through the framework. 

"To the extent, I am concerned, I am never again an understudy of the NIJ. I will pause and compose the UTME again and get into a college where I can feel good, safe and not feel that anybody is watching me." 

Ogunyemi encouraged different understudies of the school, who had encountered rape from instructors, to support the purpose of their emotional well-being, including that she nearly lost her mind when the occurrence occurred.
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