How I Was Molested By My Lecturer In His Office - OAU Female Student Reveals - FOW 24 NEWS

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How I Was Molested By My Lecturer In His Office - OAU Female Student Reveals

As indicated by a report by Vanguard, Miss Afolayan Motunrayo, a last year understudy of the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, has unveiled how she was supposedly attacked by her teacher, who demanded having s*x with her to abstain from bombing his course. 

Motunrayo, a last year understudy of International Relations at the college had asserted that her teacher, Olabisi Olaleye had bugged her explicitly subsequent to bombing her in a Diplomacy course with code IRS 305. 

She said the instructor, within the sight of a male understudy, attacked her in his office when she went to look for change in accordance with the hour of the paper which conflicted with another 400-level assessment. 

As indicated by her, Olabisi asserted that he realized that she would return to beseech him and having wouldn't visit him at home she would bomb the course once more. 

Portraying her experience, she stated: "Our class delegate disclosed to us that the teacher said we should come and check our outcomes in his office, which really isn't typical on the grounds that we have an entryway where we check results. 

Like everybody, I went there to check and he disclosed to me I scored 38 out of 100 and that I should leave his office. I left however the class delegate said the speaker needed to correct any hitches for the individuals who had issues before it is posted on the entry. So I returned to him yet, he demanded I leave his office. 

"I needed to enlist the course again yet couldn't go to the class since it conflicted with another course. I at that point went to him to look for his consent to pardon me from the class. Be that as it may, when I heard through different understudies that he was undermining the individuals who were not going to the class that they would bomb the course, I returned to his official once more. 

"Also, that was the point at which he began saying I should go to his home to cook for him, go through the end of the week with him. He said in the event that I can consent to engage in sexual relations with seto ha sex with him, I may not compose the sex with him that that I will pass. I rejected the offer. 

"Sooner or later, the assessment time table was discharged, I found that the paper conflicted with another 400-level course, and when I found a good pace to hold up gripe I found he was the test organizer and I had no way out than to meet him once more. At the point when I met him, he just chuckled and said he realized I would return. I discovered that he wouldn't constrain you since he realizes you don't have a decision. 

"In this way, he began saying since I wouldn't notice his advances, I would need to bomb the course once more. I begged him to alter the time table, he said he needs all of us to flop once more. Out of nowhere, he moved near me and began pulling my garments, bugging me and compelling me to embrace him. There was a person in his office around then and something simply struck me to record him. 

"I guided him to release me since he said he would not modify the time table. He attempted to kiss me, I pulled away and quickly left his office. I later went to the HOD and the time was balanced. I composed the test and raced to the next paper where we were given additional time." 

She uncovered that in spite of announcing the issue to the administration her outcome has not been discharged, including that some other female understudies were encouraged by her activity to reveal their involvement in him. 

"I didn't realize he was doing that to different young ladies until I told somebody who connected me up with the administration before different young ladies began whining. 

"Some different young ladies were not striking enough to turn out so we made an unknown WhatsApp bunch where each young lady dropped grievances." 

Olabisi, as per her was hitched however had been separated by his better half because of his randy exercises with young ladies in the school, yet he was misleading young ladies that his significant other was abroad. 

"He has a spouse yet I heard she separated from him in view of his randy nature, yet then in class he used to reveal to us his significant other is abroad. He even disclosed to me that in the event that I seek a visit, I won't meet anybody since his significant other is abroad. 

As at now I have not seen my outcome on the web yet I heard it was given to another teacher. I felt terrible to have bombed the course since I have never bombed a course. I am not the best understudy but rather I am additionally not awful. That is the main course I have fizzled," Miss Afolayan bemoaned. 

Endeavors to get response from Olabisi demonstrated fruitless as his number was redirected. In any case, it was accumulated that during one of his safeguard before the board, he denied mentioning sex from any understudy. 

He credited postponement in the arrival of the understudy's outcome to his co-speaker who had not discharged the scores.
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