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Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria

In this post, I will share with you the 7 Ways to promote your music in Nigeria....

If you are an upcoming artist and you don’t have enough money for mega promo, you don’t have any excuse to give for not self-promoting yourself and your music, because it is a must that you get promoted if you want to be known.

You must get your music out of the studio and bring it to the ears of the people whether you have money or not, seeing that the money is hidden behind popularity.

That is where this article becomes paramount because it has all the information you need to run your music promotion without spending heaven and earth just to get your face recognized in the Nigerian music industry.

1. Use Social Media to Promote Your Music

These days, it has become popular to use social media such as Fookbook, 

Twitter and Instagram to promote your music.
Social media is not a straight-up marketing platform, but a catalyst for conversation and word-of-mouth marketing.

Make 80 percent of your posts to be funny, conversational and interesting, and use 20 percent for promotional material.

That’s not to say that posts for conversation purpose can’t be promotional, but you just need to learn how to frame the content in interesting ways.

Try to tell a short story, share a photo, or post a short teaser video about your experience in the studio and with video shooting.

You can also take photos at the venues of your tour, or share brief photos or videos of the audiences, to help build your fan base.

2. Make Use of Live Music Promotion

Think about live show as a chance to make money and perform your music while having fun.

 This provides some distinctive marketing opportunities for you.
You can consider concerts as means of promoting your music. 

Inform your fans about your plans to present a new song or the whole album before it is released.
Select one local concert and turn it into an event.

 Perhaps, fans that come to the show will be able to buy the album before anyone else.

You can use concerts to grow a fan base in new cities, states or country.

 Look for a local established band and propose a swap of headline. 

As they open for you in your home town, you as well open for them in their home town.

Just ensure that you choose a band with the same musical style as you have. 

A few times you do this will lead to you being able to do your own headlining show.

3. Reach Out to Music Blogs

Apart from sharing things with your fans, you also need to reach out to new audiences and convert them to fans.

Look for music blogs around you to run your music on them, and you will be seen and liked by interested people.

There are blogs that cover your type of music you can find through research, and send personal emails out to the owners of the blogs.

If you have any interesting stories about your new song, album or tour, you can share with the bloggers.

This will help you stand out from other musicians who are releasing an album. Establish a cordial relationship and you could get the opportunity of a lifetime.

There are top entertainment sites where you can submit your songs with a little profile and album pictures.

Some of the best Nigerian music and entertainment blogs/websites include Nairaland, Naijapals and Kennymp3.

If you develop the courage to ask those entertainment and music blogs for an interview, some of them will feature your profile while others may not even reply your email.

The rejection you face today is because you are still an upcoming musician. Most of them will come begging you for an interview when you become a celebrity.

4. Offer Your Songs for Free Downloads

You will gain more popularity and your songs will reach a wide audience when you offer your songs for free downloads.

 People generally love free music downloads, so if you can upload your songs to music sites such as Kennymp3, 

Musikally, Reverbnation and Soundcloud, you can promote 
your download links to your fans on the social networking websites.

For you to keep your songs in circulation, ask your fans to check out your profile on these music sites and also share it with their friends.

 You should not show much concern on the income, as this becomes possible when your songs become popular and people will start calling you to perform at shows.

5. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Consider collaboration as a powerful tool for your music promotion. 

 It is one of the fastest ways to promote your music and grow your fan base because you will have the opportunity to get your music in front of a new group of people.

Choose to collaborate with musicians whose fans would love and appreciate your music, and also work with bands with the same fan base.

You can try to record a cover song or two together and release them on your Facebook pages and YouTube channels. 

This will help drive your fans to each other, and link any song or video you create to each other’s websites and social channels.

6. Promote Your Music with Email

Take advantage of your email list and consider it as a powerful and valuable tool to promote your music. 

When someone signs up for your email list, the person wants to hear from you.

The need for an email is to let your fans know when you have an album coming out or a music tour. When you have new content, your email list will help you to lead fans to your blog.

Before you can start using your emails to promote your website, you need to first get your fans to sign up for your emails.

7. Share Your Music on Music Promotion Sites

There are many websites such as Soundcloud and Youtube where you can upload your song for free download.

It is very important to engage other bloggers and Nigerian music promotion websites such as Naijaloaded, Midistack, NotjustOk, and more.

As you display your music on as many sites as possible, you are gradually increasing your reach and popularity.
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