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Health Benefits Of Being Fat

According to research studies, being fat comes with some advantages....
A recent study concluded that cells found in fat could help strengthen the immune system, leading us to wonder whether there are any health benefits of being fat.

 However, this does not mean being fat is healthy.
Here are few health benefits of being fat

Reduces risk of rheumatoid arthritis

It is believed that excess visceral fat in the abdomen is what helps to combats the condition and that despite the common belief that added bulk increases pressure on joints, added weight can actually, help prevent arthritis.

You are less likely to develop dementia

Being overweight makes you less likely to develop dementia. Years back, overweight was thought to increase the risk of dementia but recent research debunked that fact. If you are morbidly overweight, you are less likely to reach the average age of onset

It means you have stronger immune system

The larger you are, the stronger your immune system. The deep layers of fat around an obese individual’s organs (called omentum fat) can interact on a cellular level with your immune system. Specialised cells that are found in abdominal fat and can repair tissue so quickly.
Being overweight is linked to increased longevity and recovery time

After an accident, infection or sickness, fat makes the recovery time faster. When you are sick, your body requires more energy to heal properly and fat tissue, as well as the hormones it releases, improves bodily defense mechanisms by providing vital energy reserves and anti- inflammatory agents. 

Even though overweight individuals being more susceptible to serious health issues, to begin with, they are less likely to die from them than those with underweight or even healthy BMIs.Better sex life

Hormones found in abdominal fat allow men to last longer in the bedroom. According to research, the extra mass fat gives them an average 7.3 minutes more game time per steamy session, with larger proportions of those in the healthy and underweight BMI groups suffering from the emasculating blight of premature
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