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Top 5 Blogs in Abuja

1. is the fastest growing blog in Nigeria and is aiming to reach the top. It is no wonder with the wide, full and urgent coverage of political, lifestyle, fashion, pageantry,  global entertainment, business,  local and international gossips the blog is committed to.

This platform is one of the earliest news online portals not only in Abuja but also rated high in Nigeria. It has wide online reach, which also act as a content pot for some bloggers to copy news. Good number people know about Tatafonaija but barely knows the man behind it. Besides, his recent public events like social media conference that actually brought him out, he also works as a PR to a serving honourable in the National Assembly. To enjoy consistent news records Tatafonaija platform is your resting portal news excitements.

3.‎ AlexReports 
Known to be a celebrity online platform in Abuja, Alexreports contents targets the entertainment news and exclusive stories that trends beyond the news site. The blog is synonymous to the blog owner whose writing and public style reflects on the blog as AlexReports. It has impressive readership audience that cuts across the showbiz industry which has attracted honours from different corporate and showbiz market. The platform is basically a PR blog which ensure news sharing to different platforms to ensure visibility of the post. The man behind the name is a publicists of some organisations, brands, political individuals and even beauty queens

4.Barcity Blog
Though, seen as a young blog in Abuja but with impressive start up in the right direction, Barcity Blog finds it ways into this top 5 in Abuja haven attracted the readership of Most showbiz personalities and other commercial organisations. The fast rising of the news rich platform is not only attributed to the creative descriptions ‎of events or personality but the visibility of its stories on Google. The man behind the blog achieved this feat because of its humble human display and his fearless news reportage irrespective of whose horse is gored. He also enjoys this position with regards to his other network spreads.

5. JennyChisom Blog
This news platform also rated high in Abuja because of its content publicity which is beyond the showbiz industry but also corporate brand. Though, not seen as very popular in the entertainment circle but has made indelible mark in news reportage. The lady behind the platform also champions the blogger conference and award event yearly with a true display of a real online business woman. JennyChisom Blog has been instrumental to some breaking stories and the lady has brought young bloggers into the market with her money making ethics in blogging. 
Top 5 Blogs in Abuja Reviewed by FOW 24 News on February 07, 2018 Rating: 5 1. is the fastest growing blog in Nigeria and is aiming to reach the top. It is no wonder with t...

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