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Quick Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Day a Success

 Valentine’s Day is here again today so here is a quick and d.i.r.t.y guide to a great, awesome and memorable day for you and your loved one😄 :

Love is a very elusive thing because you and I cannot really use mere words to describe what it truly is.
You need to experience the feelings of being in love to really know what it truly encapsulates:
"May Valentine’s Day be a day where we are reminded that LOVE is the foundation of happiness and a great relationship!
 For the Couple
For Men:  
1. Send in her favorite flowers and chocolate!! Make sure the roses are light colored (pink and light red) and no thorns!
As a woman myself, I am a romantic at heart.
So the all time flowers, chocolate and a nice dinner is going to work really well in pleasing her (unless she is into high tech gadgets!).
The most important thing is to make her feel loved and acknowledged.
2. Give her a pampered treatment at her favorite local spa and beauty center.
3. Let her know and reinforce that you are committed and dedicated to the relationship and even better, write a joint relationship mission and vision statement.
4. Tell her what you appreciate and admire in her and that you are grateful for her support and presence.
For The Ladies: 
5. Electronics: if your man likes the latest gadgets: consider giving him some high tech toys like the Kindle, iPad, iPod, latest phone etc.. (as long as it is within your budget).
7. Engraved supplies: cups, mugs, pens, key chains with your beloved one’s name engraved on it.
8. Love movies? Consider giving him blue ray movies or a collection edition of his favorite movies.
9. Video games are also a great gift option if he is into playing games a lot.
10. Cook his favorite meal(s) or prepare his favorite dessert.
For the Single Ladies and Gentlemen:
If you are single and looking forward to having a great relationship, here some tips and rituals that I have personally used while I was a bachelorette a few years ago:
For Men
11. Ensure you don’t have too many masculine elements in your room/home.
Examples of masculine elements are posters, statues, paintings or toys of males or cars .
If you want to attract a woman into your life, make sure to incorporate some feminine aspects such as female paintings or posters, soft colors and lightning in your home.
Go out, network or have dinner with your female friends. Expose yourself to the softer side of who you are.
For Ladies: 
12. Use bright colors for your regular outfits.  Don’t wear too much dark and black colors.
13. Decorate your room with flowers preferable the red colored ones.
You can put them on your desk or bed side table.
But make sure you change water frequently and remove any fading ones.
14. Use either pink or red in your pillows and bed accessories. If it is too much for you to have such bright colors, use red for your towels instead.
15. Have long hair. Long hair in women signify the yin element (feminine) so let your hair at least be shoulder length for the time being.
16. Write a letter and list all the ideal qualities you are looking for in your future partner.
Read this list every time to yourself before you go to bed and release this to the Universe. Let your intentions be heard and that you are ready for a great guy to enter your life.
I wish you all the best in finding Mr. and Ms. Right . If you have more suggestions, let me know😄

Quick Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Day a Success Reviewed by FOW 24 News on February 14, 2018 Rating: 5  Valentine’s Day is here again today so here is a quick and d.i.r.t.y guide to a great, awesome and memorable day for you and your loved ...

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