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National Newspaper Review 14 Feb 2018 on

We bring you  a review of the major headlines of the top 10 Newspapers in Nigeria
New direction in treatment of cancer:
Cancer experts believe that understanding the molecular cogs that make cancer cells different to normal cells can lead to the development “personalised, precision medicine”.

Trump lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star linked to president:
Michael Cohen without details revealed he had given money to the porn star but was yet to be reimbursed. Both Trump and the porn star had earlier denied any ties.

South Korea to pay $2.6m for Norths Olympic presence:
The 2.86 billion won is meant to cover transport, hotel, food and other cost for 229 cheerleaders, a taekwondo demonstration team, and around 140 art performers.

Herdsmen attacks in Osun, Ondo as Soyinka says Buhari is in a trance:
The Nobel laureate said this is just as herdsmen struck again in Osun and Ondo states, sacking a council secretariat and burning a farm settlement. He said that the President’s body language had aggravated killings by herdsmen in the country.

Herdsmen killings: Governors are shameless, coward ' Dalung:
Dalung expressed disappointment that governors were not living up to their responsibilities.According to him Governors as Chief security Officer of the states had more at their disposal to tackle the herdsmen and should act urgently.

Missing N36m: Sen. Sani storms JAMB HQ with snake charmers:
The Senator said his visit to JAMB was in response to the story that a snake swallowed N36m. Chieshe who made the allegation has so far been queried and has also appeared before a disciplinary committee.

Cancer poster boy, Sadiq Daba, preaches healthy lifestyles:
The former broadcaster who received wide support from Nigerians after been diagnosed with leukamia and prostrate cancer, urged Nigerians to be cautious with what the consumed as it affected their overall health.

How fire razed shops, flats in Jikwoyi:
The Fire originated from a sodering iron which turned on immediately power was restored in the middle of the night, the soldering iron started burning the table on which it was kept; it spread to other parts of the shop and started a fire.

Anambra, Enugu boundary tussle: Obiano, Ugwuanyi insist on peace:
The two border communities of Awba-Ofemmili in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State and Ibite-Olo in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State
were charged to give peace a chance and await the final establishment of a common boundary by the National Boundary Commission.

Hunger: Biafran war veteran cries out:
The former war veteran appealed to the federal governmnet to be considerate and offer assistance to former veterans and their families as was the case in other countries. He believes the youths are restive because oppression and injustice have been so long in practice in the system.

Nigeria records 28% rise in petrol price in Jan NBS:
Nigeria recorded 28.4 per cent increase in the price of petrol in January even as the country continues to suffer scarcity of the product.

Court jails Boko Haram bomber 60 years, Chadian 20 years:
He was arrested when a bomb-laden Nissan vehicle, which he rammed into the fence of Government Secondary School Pilot in Gombe State on July 7, 2014, failed to detonate.
The convict was however unrepentant refusing to plead for mercy, but instead vowed to return to Sambisa Forest to join forces with other members of the Boko Haram sect whenever he is freed.

Herdsmen set ablaze 100 acres of mangoes, pineapple plantation in Osun:
Millions of naira have been lost due to the destruction of economic crops, occasioned by the incessant invasion of their farmlands by nomadic herders. The community are appeals for intervention from the Federal Government.

In Kano: We don't have control over underage voters' INEC:
The National electoral body disassociated itself from the Kano polls in respect to the presence of underage voters However a checks has revealed that INEC usually provides national voters’ register to State Independent Electoral Commission, SIEC, for local council elections.

Buhari: Days of Boko Haram Are Numbered:
President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday in Abuja said with the narrowing of the recruitment base of insurgents and the renewed onslaught on Boko Haram by the Nigerian Army, the days of the terror group were numbered.

Insecurity may threaten 2019 polls, security chiefs warn:
After the national security summit, security chiefs are concerned that if the security situatin in the country does not abate the 2019 elections may be threatened security wise. However, they  were sure decisive measures would be taken to ensure calm and order.

Niger assembly passes motion for councils dissolution:
The Niger House of Assembly on Tuesday passed a motion dissolving the 25 Local Government Councils in the state for alleged poor performance and misappropriation of funds.

Benue killings: Police arrests mole, recover AK-47 rifle:
A suspected mole has been arrested by operatives of Benue State Police Command at Ayilamo, Logo Local Government Area of the state over attack on Police personnel that led to the killing of an officer.

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