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Panic As Killer Disease Hits 117 People In Lagos, Government Raises Alarm

PM News reports that an amazing sickness known as gastroenteritis has attacked Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, with 117 occupants of the state influenced by the infection. 

Gastroenteritis, otherwise called irresistible the runs, is an aggravation of the gastrointestinal tract—the stomach and small digestive system. Indications may incorporate looseness of the bowels, heaving and stomach torment. Fever, absence of vitality and lack of hydration may likewise happen. 

In perspective on the flare-up, the Lagos State Government repealed the requirement for residents to keep up elevated expectation of individual and ecological cleanliness consistently as a major aspect of the measures to anticipate the episode of plagues, particularly the spread of gastroenteritis otherwise called retching and looseness of the bowels which has been accounted for in the State.

An official for Health, Prof. Associated Abayomi who expressed this on Thursday while looking into the circumstance report of instances of the gastroenteritis recorded in the State after the week after week biosecurity update meeting uncovered that 117 instances of the ailment had been seen at wellbeing offices in five neighborhood government zone.

"Following the report of these cases, Rapid Response Teams at the influenced LGAs drove by the Medical Officers of Health were enacted, stool example were gathered for research facility test to affirm the smaller scale life form causing the regurgitating and looseness of the bowels while reconnaissance have additionally been scaled up in networks inside the influenced LGAs to stop the spread of the disease. The consequences of research facility tests will be distributed once the source pathogen is recognized," he said. 

He expressed that the nearby government territories were cases have been accounted for are Lagos Island, Ajeromi, Apapa, Mushin and Ikeja including that out of the 117 cases announced, 109 have been dealt with with and released. 

Abayomi noticed that the expansion in a number of instances of gastroenteritis was not detached with tenacious downpour with flooding of some LGAs in the State.

 He showed that the State government through Rapid Response Teams is anyway giving data to individuals from the influenced network and general society on close to home cleanliness and ecological sanitation to stop the spread of the disease. 

The Commissioner clarified that Gastroenteritis is brought about by miniaturized scale creatures like those causing typhoid fever, cholera and certain infections, including that it could be reached by eating or drinking debased nourishment, for example, uncooked fish or shellfish from estuarine waters. 

He affirmed that absence of access to safe water and nourishment supplies, going to enormous social events of individuals including services, for example, weddings or burial services and contact with people who passed on of gastroenteritis were other pre-arranging elements to reaching the contamination.

“Patients with gastroenteritis present with severe acute watery diarrhea and profuse vomiting. Those infected with micro-organisms causing the disease show signs and symptoms within 12 hours to one week after ingesting contaminated food or water. The disease affects both children and adults and can kill within hours if untreated,” Abayomi said.

The Commissioner, while stressing the need to ensure and maintain a high standard of hygiene listed measures to be taken to reduce the risk of contracting the infection as including washing of hands with soaps and water frequently and thoroughly and boiling of water before drinking if the source of the water is in doubts.

He emphasized the need for citizens to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating; cook food thoroughly; dispose of waste material properly, avoid open and indiscriminate defecation and keep water containers clean noting that these are part of the measures that can help curtail the spread and prevent the diseases.

“Citizens must ensure proper disposal of waste and ensure they avoid possible backflow connection between water and sewer system. It is important that citizens wash hands with soap and running water thoroughly especially after defecation, before eating or food preparation and when they have been in contact with a sick person or touch any item or surface that may have been contaminated”, Abayomi said.

The Commissioner also advised health workers to ensure that they take universal safety precautions when dealing with patients stressing that they must practice good hand washing techniques and report any alarming increase in cases gastroenteritis-vomiting and diarrhea to the Medical Officer of Health in their local government or the Directorate of Disease Control through these lines: 08023169485 and 08023608195.

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