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Trade Nigeria

Trade Nigeria is a trip designed to transport business executives into a foreign business environment for the purpose of exploring international business opportunities.Trade Nigeria is a platform to experience total market immersion for your products and brands,
travel, explore markets, introduced to important business contacts and to well-placed government officials. There’s no better way to understand the various industry landscape, learn about the promotion of your products.....

Trade Nigeria is a global showcase for all industry stakeholders and its reputation alone attracts a vast international audience. It provides the most diverse range of exhibitors from core sectors of the trade industry: Business, Investment, Economic Exchange, Manufacturing Technology, Trade and Commerce.With over 1500 exhibitors from all over the world, it’s a very effective and efficient way to meet with potential customers and suppliers.

This is one of the biggest and best opportunities for the global trade community to come together. To support eligible small businesses in the trade industry, the Trade Nigeria platform will provide exhibit opportunities under a Pavilion to various trade and investment companies. Each participating company will receive exhibition assistance, and travel assistance in the form of post-activity reimbursement.

Overall, it is difficult to set precedents for trade agreements as by their very nature they are dictated by ever changing and fluid circumstance, negotiating positions and interest.

Trade Nigeria, is evisaged with the support of: GLOBE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY production in partnership with TRANSNATIONAL TRADE AND COMMERCE develop trade relations, continually create values for its members and facilitate business-to-business relationships, investement into Nigeria. Services include management of training, conferences, and seminars addressed by leading authorities in different fields, and acts a forum for debate to members and non-member on topical issues affecting the economy.

Trade Nigeria stands in the missing gap to ensure networking and business take place successfully both locally and globally.

Benefits of participating in Trade Nigeria:
-Growth of your international network
-Meetings with potential business partners
-Better idea of market opportunities
-Knowledge exchange
-Raising your profile.
For businesses of all sizes
startups are just as welcome. Trade Nigeria often include small businesses and knowledge institutions wanting to do business abroad.
Edo House
Suite 5-05, Fifth Floor
Plot 75 Ralph Shodeinde Street
Central Business District, Abuja

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