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As indicated by Mother of Lemuel's recommendation in Prov. 31:1-31, you have to check the accompanying in a woman before wedding her.

FEAR OF GOD: The dread of God is the primary critical issue to consider in the life of any woman you need to wed, excellence can be so beguiling as it might be utilized as a decent cover for devilish, an excellent woman without the dread of God is really Ugly and will make your life hopeless. 

Great CHARACTER: Another thing to check in the life of any woman you need to wed is her character, marriage is an excursion that can last as much as sixty years, you can't bear to Journey with some person that will make you hopeless. At the point when a woman has essential character defects to flee from her. 

A woman that is an obsessive liar, she is unfaithful, she has wild outrage, unstable, loud, Unforgiven, brimming with sharpness, dress to uncover her exposure and so forth ought to never be someone you ought to consider for a long adventure of Marriage. 

Determination: A woman that is sluggish will be excessively perilous for your life and predetermination. She despises work, she isn't determined, yet she is an admirer of rest and rest if it's not too much trouble keep away from her like a torment 

Administration UNTO GOD AND MAN: When a woman can't serve God or favor individuals around her, absolutely never figure she will be a gift to your life and predetermination. 

Accommodation: Can she submit to you? It is safe to say that she is submitting to God? Is it accurate to say that she is compliant to her parent, minister, guide or pioneers throughout her life? On the off chance that she isn't she may never submit to you, so her cost is low don't wed her, recall pride goes before devastation, something God despises is pride. 

Cash MANAGEMENT: Anytime she sees cash the main thing she considers our sacks, shoes, Brazilian hair, fragrance, fabric, and more garments, all these are material things that one must not be permitted to overwhelm one's life on the off chance that you need to go far. 

She appears to know how to spend more cash than to make it and she isn't concealing that, FLEE, on the off chance that you wed her, you will wind up with an assistance eat rather than encourage meet. 

Reliability: She isn't dependable and loyal, you can't confide in her, she is notwithstanding keeping someone else as an additional tire. That would she say she is, is having two connections in the meantime, you need to contend with different folks throughout her life, and she should be a Christian woman, so what are you doing with her? Gracious! You may state however I adore her, is that reality? Yet, in all actuality, you can't generally cherish some individual you don't trust, STOP! It is unsafe. 

Kinship: Is she well disposed? Does she have great companions? Is her fine material going to dealer or riff-raff? Who are the general population around her? Great individuals or useless ladies she calls companions. She can never live past individuals she encircles herself with. On the off chance that the woman you need to wed has just awful companions, that is the sort of person she will be, she is awful, don't trick yourself. 

Serenity: You have to check whether that woman is a quiet individual, in the event that she isn't tranquil she won't benefit all of you the times of her life. 

Does she battle others in your quality? Does she keep malevolence with you and others in her life? Does she battle messy? Is it true that she is brimming with outrage? Panther can't change its skin, that is the thing that you will live inside Marriage. 

Appeal: Do you truly adore her as a man, in the event that you are attempting to acknowledge her absolutely the ways she is nevertheless you are endeavoring to change her, it will be hazardous to enter marriage with that psyche in you, it might be troublesome for you to acknowledge and cherish her in future
THINGS TO CHECK BEFORE MARRYING A LADY Reviewed by FOW 24 News on July 30, 2018 Rating: 5 As indicated by Mother of Lemuel's recommendation in Prov. 31:1-31, you have to check the accompanying in a woman before wedding her.

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