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Importance Of Eating Unripe Plantains

Many of us love to eat plantains, especially when we fry it or make chips out of it....
Plantains are often delicious. However, an unripe plantain tends to benefit the health more than a ripe one. 

This might surprise a lot of people, how will an unripe plantain benefit the body?- they often ask.
Plantains belong to the family of banana but a plantain is lower in sugar content when we compare it to bananas. There are diverse health benefits that we can attribute to the consumption of plantain.

Unlike bananas that you eat raw, we have to cook plantains before consumption. You can fry 
plantains, boil them, roast them or even turn them into chips. However, to derive the maximum benefit of plantains, it is better to take the boiled ones because any additional content such as vegetable oil can reduce the vitamins in plantains.

After boiling plantains, you can eat it with sauce or stew that contains spices. It is often delicious and satisfactory.

You can also make stew or soups with plantains whether the ripe ones or the unripe ones. Also, with plantains, some people make plantain flour which can then be used to prepare food.
Also, unripe plantains are beneficial to the health. There are many reasons to choose an unripe plantain over a ripe one. 

The importance of eating unripe plantains include the following;

1. An unripe plantain is lower in fat compared to the ripe one. So, it is healthier to eat unripe plantains because it will also reduce the number of calories that we take in.

2. Another important reason to choose unripe plantains is that they are rich in fiber. Fiber intake helps the body in a lot of ways. fiber benefits the heart, the digestive system as well as general body health.
Also, fiber helps us in fighting diseases, it also keeps the blood sugar level in check. For a good cholesterol level in the body, you also need to consume foods that are rich in fiber.

3. Also, the type of protein that we find in unripe plantains is one that helps to repair the body tissues and muscles. This is a good reason to eat plantains.

4. Vitamin A is another nutrient that is readily available in an unripe plantain. Vitamin A is good for the immune system in the human body.

5. Also, for strong and healthy bones and muscles, consume plantains. An unripe plantain is rich in potassium and calcium, this help to build strong and healthy bones. Calcium also helps the immunity of the body.
Furthermore, potassium as a nutrient in a plantain helps the digestive system and it is also good for heart health.

6. Another important reason to consume an unripe plantain is that contains magnesium which is an essential nutrient for the human health. Magnesium regulates blood pressure in the body.Plantains, especially the unripe ones are also good for the eyes. They contain essential nutrients that benefit eye health and aid better eyesight.

When you eat unripe plantains, they also aid a general well-being of the body. Due to the natural vitamins and nutrients that they contain, they help fight diseases and infections in the body.
An unripe plantain is also good for dental health. Since it is rich in calcium, it also strengthens the teeth and aids healthy gums.

An unripe plantain is one of the super foods that you should include in your diet. Eat healthy foods that will help you build a healthier and stronger immune system. Healthy foods also fight off diseases and infections from the body.
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