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29-year-old Found Dead Inside APC Chieftain's House

The demise of one Ifeanyi Ikejemba, a cousin to Dozie Ikedife Jnr, has created debates in Nnewi, Anambra state, POLITICS NIGERIA learnt. 

Dozie Ikedife Jnr was a delegate governorship wannabe under the All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2015. He is additionally the oldest child recently Anambra senior statesman and previous President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr Dozie Ikedife. 

The Ikedifes and the Ikejembas are from Otolo and Akammili towns individually. 

This paper accumulated that Ifeanyi Ikejemba, who had lived with the Ikedifes for more than 16 years was discovered dead on March 2, inside his room in the Ikedife's family compound. 

Be that as it may, the demise of Ifeanyi has caused a furore in the family as Ifeanyi's senior kin, Ebele Ikejemba, blamed Dozie Jnr for slaughtering her sibling. Additionally on that critical day, a few young people in the network took steps to demolish down Mr Dozie's home and different properties. 

Ebele, who had prior made her position known by means of a Facebook post dated March 3, called the consideration of the police and human rights activists to the supposed homicide. As indicated by her, Dozie Jnr sent for her sibling to come and see him at Otolo, a night prior to his demise. "Ifeanyi left Akammili and stayed away forever alive," She described. 

Dozie Jnr came back from the United States of America (USA) on that day and brought in around 9:00 pm. 

By and by, when POLITICS NIGERIA reached Ebele, she demanded that Dozie executed Ifeanyi saying that three gaps were found on his body when she visited the funeral home. She included that when Dozie Jnr came to declare the demise of Ifeanyi, he asserted that the expired had sex with of his girl fourteen years prior. 

Citing Dozie Jnr, Ebele expressed that the supposed ambush occurred when the young lady was five years of age. 

"Dozie Ikedife Jnr clearly requested his security, driver and culinary specialist to pound him and the following daytime being 02/03/20 he was informed that Ifeanyi our sibling didn't wake up." 

"Be that as it may, when we went to the police to figure out where the body of our sibling was, we saw a few discharge wounds caused on his body. However, the discharge twisted dispensed on his body had been sewed up by Dozie's more youthful sibling, Dr Somadina Ikedife so it would have appeared as though he was pounded the life out of." 

"Rather our peaceful and accommodating sibling was fairly shot without hesitating. Presently Dozie Ikedife Jnr is connecting with the incredible representatives and military to conceal away from the transgressions he has submitted," She said. 


Despite the fact that the connection between the Ikejemba's and the Ikedife's have been a smooth one over the most recent fifteen years, a difference happened towards December 2019, POLITICS NIGERIA assembled. 

Dozie Jnr supported the tiling apprenticeship preparing for Ifeanyi and the tertiary training of his more youthful sister. 

In the mean time, this reporter was informed that before the visit of March 1, Ifeanyi had a conflict with Dozie jnr which prompted him moving out of the house in December. 

Ebele expressed that Mr Dozie claims a bar called 'Older folks' court' in Otolo, where Ifeanyi once worked. "While he was working at the bar, Dozie was not paying him and Ifeanyi griped that if Dozie needs him to keep working, he has the right to be paid like other staff," this was the premise of the difference, Ebele said. 

She further clarified that Ifeanyi fought in light of the fact that remaining in the bar conflicted with his tiling work. 

Ikedife's guard 

At the point when our reporter contacted Mr Dozie, he promptly asserted the phone number dialed was not his and a subsequent SMS was sent to him, demanding that the line has a place with him. 

In the mean time, his media assistant, Lotanna Okafor, reached POLITICS NIGERIA the next day, saying Mr Dozie taught him to react to the charges. In his reaction, Mr Dozie denied being guilty for Ifeanyi's demise. 

"We were all snoozing just for household staff to disclose to us that he was dead the next day," Okafor said. 

"It was an extraordinary misfortune on the grounds that Ifeanyi is a decent kid that the family enjoys. The late Dozie Snr cherished him. Truth be told, when his grandma passed on, Dozie gave her a befitting internment." 

When tested about the reason for Ifeanyi's demise, he told this journalist that police are yet to determine the reason for the passing. Despite the fact that he denied any contradiction among Ifeanyi and Mr Dozie, he affirmed that the perished quit dealing with the bar a few months prior. 

Notwithstanding, Okafor said he was not conscious of much data about what brought Ifeanyi to the house that night yet he exposed charges of any ambush propelled on the expired. 

"Ifeanyi's room is still a lot of unblemished. His garments are there. He comes and leaves when he has a feeling that," He revealed to POLITICS NIGERIA. 

The weep for equity 

Since the time the demise of Ifeanyi, all endeavors by his relatives to get equity have yielded no outcome. 

Governmental issues NIGERIA affirmed that Mr Dozie Jnr was welcomed by the police to the Area Command in Awka yet he would not respect the greeting. 

Ebele prior disclosed to POLITICS NIGERIA that when the police went to Dozie's habitation to capture a few suspects, nobody was found in the house. 

"We request the Inspector General of police to set up a group to be going by DCP kauri to explore the entire circumstance. We are eager to include the Human rights development, the American Government (Since Dozie additionally has an American citizenship) and has the ability of fleeing, including the administration and each potential news source since now he is moving to undermine our families," She revealed to our reporter. 

In spite of the fact that POLITICS NIGERIA couldn't arrive at the Area Commander of police around there, Haruna Mohammed, the Anambra state police representative vowed to investigate the case. 

"Just observed it. Let the complainants meet me in the workplace for attentive examination please," He educated our journalist. 

29-year-old Found Dead Inside APC Chieftain's House Reviewed by FOW 24 News on March 18, 2020 Rating: 5 The demise of one Ifeanyi Ikejemba, a cousin to Dozie Ikedife Jnr, has created debates in Nnewi, Anambra state, POLITICS NIGERIA learnt. 

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