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Kelechi Iheanacho Dating BBNaija’s Nina And Khloe?

Gossipy tidbits making the rounds is that Nigerian expert footballer Kelechi Iheanacho is dating 2018 Big Brother Naija housemates, Nina and Khloe. 

As per the unsubstantiated reports from 

"Presently to the Koko of the significance… … 

There are two new reality celebs dating a similar person yet not up to date… ..Guy is a footballer and had something exceptional with the light cleaned celeb a couple of months prior… It isn't clear whether they are as yet private however they are still in contact and going on well… .It is coded so please ssssssshhhhhh. 

The second reality celeb is extremely dim cleaned and noisy on the off chance that you may ask…. 

She is at present in Dubai (leaving today or tomorrow)having a great time with companions among whom are that performing artist that had a Brouhaha with a taxi driver, the one who has initials as 4,6,19. 

The Reality star is affirmed to date the Footballer yet the relationship is in the beginning times as per her companions…..Well call them Frenemies in the event that you like! 

The footballer has been giving her a ton of money and even did as such this Morning with her expressing gratitude toward him on face time..he additionally gave her a great deal of money on her Birthday...

A LOT OF CASH… … .Love is a wonderful thing right?… Then for what reason would she say she is recording the majority of their discussions and recordings? 

Try not to ask me for what valid reason she is doing this yet olofofos have seen that every one of her discussions with the Leicester city forward is recorded. 

She as of late made a passionate Birthday post for sweetheart kid and when it caused some confusion she immediately erased… 

As indicated by the olofofos "He has another genuine relationship in Nigeria however that one is more genuine despite the fact that she has been scratch named footballers spouse by her olofofo companions 

who couldn't care less that she likewise has an as far as anyone knows genuine sweetheart who doesn't have the cash to his name… When her companions raise his point she closes them down and takes a gander at them… ..Na who sacred pass? 

Well, Stella, a portion of the previous housemates are profiting from men right now… .Good cash" 

The footballer paid for her trip to Dubai and broadened her in three days back, however, the two housemates he is as far as anyone 

knows twofold dating don't have the foggiest idea about what he is into industry ladies a great deal which was affirmed by the individual with initials up there while they were gossipping… 

The Olofofo proceeds " each time they talk I see her continually flaunting to her companions and has many pictures of him. 

Two evenings back she just had a bra on while Face timing with him and recording not surprisingly" 

The dim cleaned reality star should be made a beeline for the UK to see another of her uncommon companion, however, was denied visa they say. 

The Footballer who is from the fifth biggest Nigerian state imparts same the first name to the crooner whose rich sibling is alluded to as somebody who has Electronic cash is supposed to do as such awful in his club that he may get the boot soon if care isn't taken….. 

The principal reality star as far as anyone knows who is the affection enthusiasm of Mr. Footballer as of late got busted Online… … This Affair was coded so expect disavowals…. 

The second reality star is dull cleaned and loud, dresses provocatively, very conditioned body, very savvy and beautiful and Shares a similar name with KK's sister. 

Appreciate the undertaking yet quit chronicle, please… .If you lose your phone,wahala go dey in light of the considerable number of accounts and watch your back reason one of your toxic acquaintances is going to make the telephone vanish..LOL"
Kelechi Iheanacho Dating BBNaija’s Nina And Khloe? Reviewed by FOW 24 News on November 28, 2018 Rating: 5 Gossipy tidbits making the rounds is that Nigerian expert footballer Kelechi Iheanacho is dating 2018 Big Brother Naija housemates, Nina a...

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