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Introducing Nigeria @60

About Nigeria Day

TOTAL AFRICAN THEATERS is the organizer of Nigeria Day @60, Culture Exchange and Expo(, a company saddled with the mission of organizing culture exchange and expo around the world. The first edition of this programme will be held in Seoul, South Korea 2018 in partnership with Nigeria Embassy Seoul, South Korea.

The Nigeria Day culture and exchange programme seeks to promote culture exchange, trade, networking, and innovation.

This exchange programme will include people from different states of Nigeria, the purpose is to enable the partner country to appreciate Nigeria’s cultural diversity as we project Nigerians who epitomize the true Nigerian values.

This project celebrates our great country Nigeria, as it provides Nigerians with an avenue to introduce and showcase our rich arts and culture to the international community through exhibitions and in return gain vast knowledge and the requisite skill needed for the smooth integration of foreign culture and technology were needed.

The best of Nigeria’s cultural diversity in art, culture, fashion, film, trade & music will be showcased. Also we hope to attract foreign investment as well as display our unique and rich potentials. We also hope to push the boundaries of traditional economic activities via arts, culture and trade as well as promote socio-cultural cooperation between partnering countries.

We seek to promote mutual understanding between Nigerians and citizens of foreign country through interchange of creative works, technologies, knowledge and skills in the fields of Arts, Culture, Sciences, Business management, Technology and Trade.

We also seek to promote the knowledge of the Nigerian language, art, culture and trade internationally and foster cultural cooperation.

The cultural, business and social life of Nigerians will be comprehensively portrayed and conveyed also allowing for intercultural dialogue and cultural involvement and exchange. Diplomatic ties will be strengthened, investment and tourism enhanced.

The exposure and experience of these Nigerians in a different environment and culture will be of great benefit to them. These benefits include meeting new people, learning new languages and cultures, adopting additional technologies, showcasing the Nigerian cultural heritage and improving the Nigerian trade and bilateral relations with foreign country.

This programme will showcase the strength of our cultural beliefs as a people and open new doors to the collaboration of cultures, arts, trade and tourism between both countries Participating countries can explore the ancient and current artistic, cultural and trade trends of both countries. Furthermore, participants are provided with first class opportunity to network with stakeholders as they promote and display their works.

Participant will make lifelong friendships, and gain appreciation of both country and culture, while deepening their knowledge of their cultures and strengthen existing international relationships.
In Nigeria, October is a period of celebration and therefore the whole expo is a fun fair and relaxing period to explore and learn from diverse communities.

Upon return to Nigeria participants will be able to share their newly acquired skills and experience gained in the area of art, culture and international trade.
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