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1. Profile
i. Trade Nigeria – A public private joint partnership project with government on international trade. The organization; As an organized private sector focuses on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). through G2G/B2B/B2C project developments, Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT), supporting business development, investment, trade promotions, economic exchange and multilateral cooperation with major aim on growing Nigeria’s rural economy and training the population into a production nation.
2. Background:
1.1 The Sharp decline in the global crude oil prices between 2015 – 2017 and the resultant but brief recession experienced by the country during the period has not only exposed the economy as mono but has also shown the associated danger with such economic practice. However, Nigeria was fortunate for the record time recovering ability, obviously due to the quick actions and resilience of the administrators in considering other available options and in the commendable effort to diversify the economy for stability.
1.2 Trade Nigeria does not only understand the disadvantage of mono – economy and or over – reliant on crude oil amongst the surplus; the entity understands the palpable need for diversification by promoting, equally, the abundance of the other none oil sectors through the facilitation of local/international markets, direct investment, and concessions, for economic sustenance. More than anything, the company understands and has therefore decided to patriotically key into the economic diversification policy of the present authority by instituting a framework for public – private joint partnership with the Government, aimed at leveraging on innovations that would expand international trade and facilitate the crowding –in of concessionaries and other forms of direct foreign investors.
1.3 This is what has set the organization apart and put it in the frontline of marketing and showcasing the rich and enormous human and material capital of the country, investment opportunities and business potentials. Our effort centers on creating the rationale that will lead to a win – win in investment inflow, trade growth and economic exchange and cooperation between Nigeria and the rest of the world.
3. Trade Promotion:
2.1 Corporate Information:
2.2 Trade Nigeria is a wholly indigenous company, duly incorporated in Nigeria. Its head office is based in Abuja with branches in most major commercial cites of the country, including, Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Kano. The company is registered and affiliated with both local and international chambers of commerce, trade organizations, investment promoters, and portfolio managers, etc.
2.3 The organization is chaired by Mr. George Buchi, a seasoned trade and investment facilitator and a key player in the Nigerian private and public sectors with vast experience in both local and international business activities.
2.4 Trade Nigeria management is made up of a multidisciplinary team of core sector professionals with vast experience and profile in international trade relationships and facilitation of direct foreign investments, PPP, investment matching, business pitching, Trade Missions, and JVs, etc.
3.0 Experience:
3.1 Trade Nigeria has a good history of organizing Investment Summits, Trade Missions, and Exhibitions in collaboration with some MDAs. Such past events include but not limited to:
i. The Nigeria – Asia Week & Trade Expo 2017: A world Trade Summit and Expo held in Korea, China, and Japan in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, SMEDAN, Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission with over 15 States of the Federation in attendance; and
ii. The Train – Nigeria 2018 – A human capacity building and manpower development training exchange program. Hosted in Japan, Australia, and Korea in April to August 2018 in collaboration with SMEDAN and with 20 States of the Federation in attendance;
4.0. The 2019 – 2020 (3rd Edition) Nigeria Asia Business and Economic Forum:
4.1 As part of our commitment to the diversification of the Nigerian Economy, Trade Nigeria is promoting the 2019/ 2020 version of the Nigeria Asia. Business and Economic Forum which is the 3rd edition of its kind. The programme is being organized in partnership with “Trade Japan”, “Trade Korea”, “Trade Turkey” and “Biz Africa Singapore”. It will be hosted in Nine – Countries, namely: Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Hong Kong. The international trade pogramme is conceptualized as a joint trade mission for trade and investment exchange between Nigeria and the Asian countries for the promotion of trade, investments, government to government, business to business, business to government and commerce. It will afford the opportunity for investors, manufacturers, service provider from both the public and private sectors to meet with their international counterparts from both ends.
4.2 It is expected that at the end of the programme, there will be inflow of investments both direct and concessions, Joint Ventures, Signing of bilateral agreements between Governments, Signing of contract agreements and the
market for products and services. However, in view of the present economy diversification programme of the FGN, the focus will be on the non –oil sector.
5.0 Why Asia
5.1 According to the World Economic Forum – the International Organization for Public – Private Cooperation, “The re –emergence of Asia is among the most important shifts that will occur in our lifetimes”. It is estimated that by 2020, in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms, Asian economies will become larger than the rest of the world combined for the first time since the 19th century. Not only is Asia growing richer, as it becomes more integrated, it is also coalescing as a constructive force for global government. Asia is being able to buck the global trend for trade fragmentation, becoming instead ever more economically integrated via trade, investment and tourism and at the moment Asia is at the heart of the action for multilateral trade liberalization.
5.2 For example, economically, China is likely to remain the engine of growth for Asia and the world. Its contribution to global growth will rise to over 28% by 2023, according to IMF projections.
5.3 According to IMF, Asia has been and will remain a global growth leader. Because of the reform measures taken to strengthen policy frameworks and economic fundamentals in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, Asia’s economy is now much more stable and resilient. It is projected that in less than two decades, Asia’s economy should be larger than that of the United States and the European Union combined.
5.4 Against this backdrop, the essence of focusing on Asia is to key into the success, experience and the projected future of its economic phenomenon, Knowing the obvious market and investment opportunities associated with the development.
6.0 The First Outing in Singapore:
6.1 The first outing of the series of the Nine Asian –countries event commenced in Singapore on October 2 -6, 2019. The Singapore event coincided with Nigeria @ 59 Independent Anniversary Celebration and hence was used by the Nigerian High Commission to Singapore to promote the Nigerian brand and pitch the business opportunities in the country with the international community. The event marked the launching of the 2019/2020 Nigeria Asia Trade Mission and as such, was well attended and recorded remarkable success with outcomes for the Nigerian and Singaporean economies.
6.2 The Nigeria delegation to the Singapore Mission consists of representative of the Presidency, Officer of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, led by the Permanent Secretary, Political and Economic Affairs Office and the representative of the Nigeria Investment Promotion Council, led by the CEO – DR. Yewande Sadiku. Other private sector key players across the globe including some identified world – acclaimed Nigerian experts in various fields were also present.
On the Singaporean delegation were various representatives from both the public and private sectors led by Mr Teo Siong Seng, Chairman of the Singapore Business Federation, Dr Sam Tan – Minister for state, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Mr Muralli Pillai – Member of Parliament for Butik Batok Single – member Constituency. Also present were representatives of both public and private sectors from South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Hong Kong.
7.0 Upcoming Second Outing in South Korea:
7.1 The second outing in the series is scheduled for South Korea from December 5 -12, 2019. Unlike the first outing which took a rather national outlook to the investment prospects in Nigeria, the seconds series in accordance with the objectives of the missions shall focus on projecting the investment opportunities at National and State level, Private and Public sectors.
7.2 The Mission is being organized in conjunction with Korea Trade – Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Trade Korea the Nigerian High Commission to South Korea Public and Private sectors the mission has also received the endorsement of the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Presidency, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment and Nigerian Investment Promotion Council. In the same vein, the programme has received the blessing and partnership confirmation of some States Government and Chambers of Commerce. These include the Owerri Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Ebonyi, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Rivers, Abia, Cross River, and Imo States.
8.0 Invitation to Lagos State Government:
8.1 To this intent, we are therefore inviting the Lagos State Government as a special participant in the second outing scheduled for South Korea. We are
extending this invitation to State mainly in two capacities; as a participant in the event and as a sponsor of a dedicated business forum (sideline event) focusing on investment opportunities in Lagos State. As such, the state delegation would be expected to prepare and present a business and investment case for specific sectors within the Lagos economy to be presented during the dedicated segment.
8.2 Lagos State is not only dynamic and strategic to the economy of the Nation but is also the prime model state for innovation and development. The state sometimes referred to as a “Mini Nigeria”. We are, therefore, optimistic that this event will provide the state with the opportunity to build new partnership and cooperation in its key sectors that will ultimately multiply opportunities to the citizens of the state, uplift the economy of the country and serve as a model for economic growth across the nation.
8.3 In Summary, Lagos State is invited to partner with trade Nigeria on this programme as follows:
i. Register and send participants to the programme to be headed by a senior officer;
ii. Sponsor a side event at the program that will give the State a special opportunity to showcase numerous business and investment opportunities available in the State;
iii. Use its official network to invite and encourage manufacturers, services providers and investors from both the public and private sectors within the sectors within the state to participate in the event; and
iv. Anchors and coordinate all the participants from Lagos State and their activities at the Forum.
9. Thank you.
Trade Nigeria Organization
October, 2019

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